Sunset of Doom

Session 003: 2009-12-23

game session notes

Real-World date/location: Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 @ the D&D room; Game date:

The PCs infiltrated the underground ruins. They defeated more goblins warriors as well as shamans who wielded fire magic, and two groups of zombies. They eventually fought their way to a pair of chambers with several dozen goblin women and children. Prominent features include doors lined with red jewels which are open, and doors lined with blue jewels which are closed. One chamber contains a pit of refuse, in which the PCs spotted something large moving around under the surface. The PCs struck a bargain with the goblins, letting the entire group go back to where they came from if they never return, and leave 2 guides behind.

Attendance, XP, Loot:



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