Sunset of Doom

Session 004: 2010-01-01

Real-World date: Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Game-World date/time
Start: 26th of Alturiak, Year 1374 DR 12pm

End: 26th of Alturiak, Year 1374 DR 2pm

Tavinsom (“Tavin”) joins the party

Jin and Cat have the “disen terre” (Gnomish for “Returning to Earth”)

The party continues their journey into the ruins under the goblin fortification on Wroxbin’s land. After arguing about what to do (or not) with whatever is crawling around in the refuse pit, they decided to get the party together and move on. They managed to outsmart a trapped room which would have surrounded them with several powerful Wights dropped from chambers in the ceiling. The party made short work of the vile undead by locating the trap components and engaging them one at a time, with all weapons readied for the moment the creature was in reach.

The key to the red and blue-colored doors was discovered inside the stomach of one of the Wights: a small magic orb closes one set and opens the other when placed in one of several containers found in the lower parts of the ruins.

Using the door-switching orb, the party continued to explore. One of the two goblin guides got killed when she set off a trap. The trap skewered her with a spike that shot up from the floor (which is full of regularly-spaced small holes), and several small chambers opened up, from which came forth some zombies and skeleton warriors. The party smartly got out of the room with spikes coming out of the floor, and by using Tristan as a shield to keep the monsters at bay as the party escaped down the narrow hall, the two Clerics used their turning ability to destroy most of the undead.

Mission Timeline:
108 hours TOTAL (4 1/2 days)
– 19 hours JOURNEY OUT (prep, journey, and fights w/Goblins on the way)
– 18 hours JOURNEY BACK (bare minimum)
71 hours
– 8 hours (rest 1)
– 8 hours (rest 2)
– 8 hours (rest 3)
– 4 hours (fights, exploration, talking, etc)

2pm on the 26th of Alturiak, Year 1374 DR
= 43 hours or less until it’s time to pack up and go home!
= Be in Kentor by 9am on the 28th of Alturiak, Year 1374 DR!



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