Class, god, domains Cleric, Heironeous, Healing and War

Stats Str. 14 Dex. 16 Con. 14 Int. 13 Wis. 17 Cha. 16

HP 17

Ac 20

Feats, skills Point bank shot, Improved initiative

Base attack 1

Saving Throw Fort. 5, Reflex. 3, Will. 6

Weapons I use

Might Long Bow +2
Masterwork Long Sword

Armor I wear

Breast plate
Large Wooden shield

Ideas/purpose To heal and protect the faithful, to wage war against the rest

My Connection to the Group. I have known two of the group i now travel with for some time. A cleric named Kebert and i have been competing in most ever form to prove Heironeous’ superior divine status over what ever trash he worships. But he has proven his worth as a meat shield even though he has tasted the blessings of Tyr and his healing magic more often than not, he is somewhat useful. My adventuring companion Versalus a fine young sorcerer and the person i can say has brought me into this group. Although after our last adventure we parted company on good terms; Tyr seems to have more of a use for him thus bringing me back into his company for yet another adventure .

Bio My name is Tavinsom,I go by Tavin. I lost my full name and title with the deaths of my family and will regain them kneeing at throne of Tyr. Through my work and faith I take my God, sword and name to seek out both the faithful and the non-faithful… I am a humble cleric of Tyr waiting to give a reception fit for the path you should be on or under. Not being the first child i was given into church service. After many years of faithful service Lord Tyr has Chosen me to go, seek out and further his awesome cause. A task, Nay a honor i will fulfill.


Sunset of Doom tavin