Half Elf Ranger


STR: 16 DEX: 16 CON: 15 INT: 15 WIS: 18 CHA: 14

HP: 10 AC: 17 Base Attack: +1

Fortitude: +4 Reflex: +3 Will: +4

Melee: +4 Ranged: +4


Light Cross Bow +4 1/D8 19-20/2 *Scimitar +4 1/D4 19-20/2 *Dagger +4 1/D6 18-20/*2


Chain Shirt Light Armor Bonus +4 Check Penalty -2


There are many legends of BoBo Jito…all bearing many truths and elaborations (such is often the case when sacred tales are passed on by the careless tongue of man). The following will address the history, and misconceptions of he who is…The Healer. BoBo Jito was created under the praising eye of Corellon Larethian – the Elvish god, exalted for his sacrifices in battle to preserve the lives of those who are ‘pure-hearted’…the race of Elves. BoBo Jito’s existence proved to be a challenge for even the strongest of persons, for BoBo Jito would never feel whole. While he possessed the same qualities his Elvish mother, Antinua, was blessed with (silky ivory hair, eyes greener than spring’s first blossom, and keen senses for his surroundings), BoBo Jito was also half-man, and throughout time was challenged by his Human father’s genes – husky stature, ever-present feeling of drive and irritability, and the Human weaknesses of worry and loneliness. BoBo Jito’s father, Lethem, was a common Human soldier. It is believed he hailed from the far NorthWest – an area commonly populated with Humans (and half-persons) due to fair farming soil, and access to the sea for trade. Whilst on a journey to transport goods from his village to the dry plains of Pallen, Lethem’s caravan was ambushed by a band of orcs from the Swamplands. It was mere happenstance that Antinua’s tribe discovered Lethem, the only survivor, on their journey home to the luscious woods of NaNaiSae (roughly translated: The Ancient Oak Woods). As is often the case in tales of star-crossed love, Lethem fell in love with the grace and compassion that Antinua gave in nursing him to health. Sadly, the lover’s romance could not withstand the brutal cruse of mortality. Despite being given optimum care by the Elf physicians while in NaNaiSae, Lethem’s wounds were more complicated than any elixir or magic could unravel, and Lethem passed away shortly after the birth of BoBo. (Some argue that Lethem’s death was no coincidence and the Orc God Gruumsh – enemy of Corellon, in seeing the result of such beautiful love, stole Lethem away from the “Living Land” out of spite). It is perhaps this reason that BoBo Jito adopted a fascination and skill for healing. BoBo Jito dutifully studied elvish, and human Apothecaries while growing up, and was soon dubbed The Healer by all in the land. By 16, BoBo Jito had begun the relentless transformation into adulthood –driven by adrenaline and angst – and became a fine wielder of weapons. BoBo Jito was often seen garbed with crossbow and dagger (“Light blade for a light heart!” , the Elves used to say). While such minimal protection made many skeptical, BoBo Jito preferred less weight for the gathering of herbs and other medicinal sources. BoBo Jito left NaNaiSae at the age of 19 driven by a hunger for exploration and revenge at the evil that denied him a father growing up. (Much concern was raised by the Chief of Elves at this departure. While 19 is an acceptable age to enlist for common humans, BoBo Jito was a mere youth in Elf years). While on his journey, BoBo Jito befriended BaBa – an Elf with keen wizarding talents (Legends say BaBa was being defiled in a similar situation to Lethem when their path’s crossed, and BoBo Jito’s blade shone ablaze as he defended his soon to be Best Friend and companion) and together they set out to conquer their inner and outer turmoils……


Sunset of Doom Bobojito