Phadoz Wroxbin

Pig Farmer who hired the PCs


- With a booming voice and imposing presence, subtlety is NOT one of Wroxbin’s talents. He has a reputation as a fair and dependable (if scrupulous and abrasive) businessman.

- He inherited the rights to a plot of land just outside of town, and plans to build a new hog farm on it. When his cousin Jaereth never returned from a survey mission to the site (that has presumably gone bad), Phadoz put out a call for adventurers at all of the local taverns and markets.

- The party convinced him to raise his reward from 1000gp for the entire party to 430gp per person, on the conditions that they:

1) Find out what happened to Jaereth, and bring him back alive if possible.
2) Neutralize any remaining threats, so that construction can begin as scheduled.

Rumor has it… - He’s primarily motivated by saving a few gold on his taxes by being located outside of the city of Kentor, while still profiting from it’s popularity as a waypoint between Ankhapur to the West and Innarlith to the East.

- Like many of the wealthy and noble classes, Wroxbin probably sees the unincorporated region to the North as a source of future money and power.

Phadoz Wroxbin

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