This is the town where the campaign starts.


roughly 4,000 which includes roughly 700 children

Racial Mix:
  • Human – 60% (2400 ish)
  • Halfling – 13% (520 ish)
  • Elf – 12% (480 ish)
  • Dwarf – 7% (280 ish)
  • Half-Elf – 6% (240 ish)
  • Half-Orc – 2% (80 ish)
  • GP Limit = 3,000 gp
  • commerce centered around services for travelers
Town Charter:
  • Citizens have voting rights in Citizen Referendums and general elections

  • decisions made by The Council, a body consisting of:

    12 elected “Representatives”, who serve for six years.
    Terms are staggered, one seat is up for reelection every six months.

    6 randomly selected “First Citizens”, who serve anonymously for six months.
    Terms are staggered, with a new citizen chosen once per month.

  • The Mayor breaks tie votes, and has veto power over the Council

  • The Mayoral Veto can be overridden by a 2/3 vote in a general election.

  • Mayoral Succession:

    If the Mayor chooses to retire, he can name a successor.
    They must be ratified by 13 “aye” votes from the Council.

    If the Mayor dies or becomes incapacitated while in office, the Council nominates a single successor, which is put to a 50%+ Citizen’s Referendum. If the vote is “nay”, then an open general election is held on the day after the full moon AFTER the next full moon (in other words, between one and two months). A 50%+ majority vote is required to win. If there is no majority winner, runoff elections will be held on a weekly basis until there is one.

    The Mayor serves for life, but can be removed from office if Impeached by a 12-vote majority in the Council that is ratified by a 2/3 vote in a Citizen’s Referendum.


  • Daytime Entrance Fee (5cp) is waived, Dusk-to-Dawn Entrance Fee (2sp) reduced to 5cp
  • Citizens do not pay sales tax at Sanctioned shops (5% off prices listed in Player’s Handbook etc.)
  • Citizens can cast a vote in General Elections and Citizen’s Referendums (done by magical voting devices which seem to have worked safely and securely for nearly a century).
  • If they are charged with a crime, a Citizen is eligible to a trial by a jury of other Citizens. Non-citizens are tried by a judge and generally have a harder time of things.
  • Citizens pay a Citizen’s Tax of 12gp per year (during the month of Kythorn), and newly inducted Citizens prorate the current year. There is an additional 48gp “Initiation Tax”, which is paid by all new citizens, as well as anyone renewing a lapsed citizenship (the Initiation Tax can be reduced or waived if you know the right people…). Citizen’s Taxes can be paid in advance, but are nonrefundable.
  • Becoming a citizen requires:
    – a written invitation by a citizen/citizens, who musthave between them 10 years of citizenship, measured in units of single years, and rounded down.
    Possible examples: two people who have been citizens for at least five years, two people who have been citizens for three years and one who has been one for 4 years, etc.
  • In a given year, a citizen can invite a number of people equal to his total years as a citizen.
  • Citizenship is hereditary, in that the annual Citizen’s Tax can be reduced by 1gp every generation if the citizenships are continuous (the initiation tax is also waived). Any lapses in dues void this discount. The maximum discount is 50% (6gp) after 6 generations.


A. Tyr

B. Helm

C. Ilmater

D. Mystra


A. Corellon Larethian

B. Yondalla

C. Garl Glittergold

D. Moradin


A. “Drunken Donkey”

B. “Scarlet Goose”

C. “Devil’s Washboard”

D. “Gunnar’s Grogstop”

E. “Flying Sword Hall”

F. “Twin Gargoyle Inn”

G. “The Sleeping Centaur”

H. “The Singing Sailor”


Phadoz Wroxbin – employer


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